Megyn Kelly Blasts Taylor Swift for Making “Wrong Move” After Jo Koy’s 2024 Golden Globes Joke

Megyn Kelly and Taylor Swift

Journalist and media personality Megyn Kelly criticized singer Taylor Swift for her reaction to Jo Koy's joke about Travis Kelce at the 2024 Golden Globes. During the event, Koy made a playful comment about how there are fewer camera shots of Swift compared to NFL games, causing Swift to give him a disapproving look.

Kelly expressed her opinion on her SiriusXM show, stating that Swift should have shown good sportsmanship and taken the joke in stride. She also mentioned that Koy's comment was meant to be lighthearted. Kelly clarified that Swift is not responsible for the NFL's camera decisions and suggested that Swift should have acknowledged that the excessive coverage of her had become a bit overwhelming.

According to Kelly, Swift's facial expression seemed to convey a sense of indignation towards the questioning of her popularity. Despite the incident, Swift continued enjoying her evening with Selena Gomez and Keleigh Sperry, but left the ceremony early after losing in the box office category to the movie "Barbie."

Taylor Swift

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jo Koy referred to his joke about Taylor Swift as "Cute."

This incident follows Kelly's previous criticism of Swift on her show in December. During that episode, Kelly expressed her disapproval of Swift attending a comedy show that aimed to provide humanitarian relief to the people of Gaza. Kelly believed that Swift owed an apology to Israelis and Jewish Americans and called for a boycott of her events until she issued one, Billboard reported.

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