Actress Deidre Hall Slams Jo Koy For Teasing Taylor Swift At The 2024 Golden Globe Awards

Deidre Hall Slams Jo Koy For Teasing Taylor Swift

Soap opera star Deidre Hall criticized Jo Koy for his lackluster hosting at the 81st annual Golden Globe Awards in Los Angeles on Sunday, January 7. In a recent Facebook post, the 76-year-old Days of Our Lives veteran referred to Koy as a complete embarrassment to himself and the Academy. She urged her fans to skip his performance, and many of them agreed, commenting that they found Koy's monologue awkward and his jokes questionable.

Deidre Hall's Facebook post

One joke in particular took a swipe at Taylor Swift's new relationship with Travis Kelce.

Hall responded to one follower who expressed that Koy was inappropriate for the job, saying, "Well said." Hall, a three-time Emmy nominee best known for her role as Marlena Evans on Days of Our Lives, is not the only star unimpressed with Koy's performance.

Actress Deidre Hall
Actress Deidre Hall

According to a source, the 34-year-old pop star was reportedly left unimpressed by the comedian's quip about her love life. During his opening monologue, Koy joked that the big difference between the Golden Globes and the NFL is the Golden Globes have fewer camera shots of Taylor Swift. The camera then cut to a shot of Swift, who remained stoic and failed to crack a smile.

Taylor Swift

An insider exclusively told the Daily Mail, "Taylor nor her girls found Jo Koy's tacky jab very funny. Clearly, neither did the audience and her fans. It made her uncomfortable, as it would have anyone." The source also mentioned that Koy should have known his audience before making any remarks.

 Taylor Swift, however, chose not to respond and kept her thoughts to herself. But the insider hinted that her athlete boyfriend, 34, might not be as diplomatic. The source added that Swift doesn't have the time or desire to engage in a clap back, but Travis might have a few words on his podcast about this incident.

Variety's television critic, Alison Herman, also criticized Koy, stating that he was "woefully unqualified" to host an awards show. Koy himself admitted that the backlash to his hosting duties stung a little, especially regarding his joke about Taylor Swift, which he acknowledged fell flat.

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