Eric Adams Publicly Blasts Joe Biden Over Migrant Crisis: 'We Can't Do Your Job!'

Mayor Eric Leroy Adams

New York City Mayor Eric Leroy Adams has launched a scathing critique of President Joe Biden, accusing him of inadequately addressing the country's migrant crisis. The surge in asylum seekers has prompted several states to publicly demand greater assistance from the White House. On December 28th, Adams declared that he would impose new restrictions on the entry of asylum seekers into his city until President Biden took decisive action. Consequently, no buses carrying asylum seekers will be permitted to enter the city in the immediate future.

During a press conference, Adams emphasized, "We cannot continue to shoulder the responsibilities of the federal government." The mayor further asserted, "The federal government has essentially delegated its duties to New York City, saying, 'You handle our job, Eric. You and your team take care of 4,000 people every week.'" 

Adams was joined at the press conference by Democratic mayors from Chicago and Denver, who also echoed the call for increased support from Washington, D.C. Adams expressed his satisfaction with the growing chorus of cities demanding change, stating, "It is truly perplexing. However, I am determined to persist in this fight, and I am delighted that other cities are now joining us. This coalition will continue to expand because these cities deserve better." 

Accusing President Biden of shifting responsibility onto local authorities, Adams added, "Cities should not bear the burden of solving national problems." New York officials report that approximately 161,000 migrants have arrived in the city over the past 18 months. The newly imposed restrictions by Mayor Adams require buses to provide a minimum of 32 hours' notice before their arrival. Failure to comply with these regulations may result in legal consequences, as stated by GB News.

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