Cardi B's Makeup-Free Look Symbolizes a Fresh Start in the New Year

Makeup-Free Cardi B on Twitter

On Wednesday, December 27, Cardi B was spotted indulging in some post-Christmas retail therapy. Serendipitously, she stumbled upon a store with the perfect mirror-selfie setup. Taking to her social media page, the talented 31-year-old songstress shared two photos from her outing. 

In these snapshots, she showcased a vibrant ensemble, donning a yellow knit hat, yellow pants, and a color-blocked sweater in shades of yellow, red, turquoise, black, and white. However, while her outfit exuded vibrancy, her makeup was noticeably absent. In fact, she embraced her natural beauty, opting for a makeup-free look.

Makeup-Free Cardi B/ X(Twitter)

The first photo provided a glimpse of her fresh-faced appearance, while a second close-up revealed flawless skin, well-groomed brows, and not a trace of mascara. If she did wear any makeup, it was perhaps a subtle clear lip gloss, which beautifully complemented the shine of her Monroe piercing. 

This look not only serves as a reminder that going makeup-free can be just as stunning as a fully made-up face, but it also serves as a metaphor for this time of year—a chance to embark on another journey around the sun with a clean slate.

Makeup-Free Cardi B/ X(Twitter)
Makeup-Free Cardi B/ X(Twitter)

It is worth noting, however, that Cardi still flaunts a far-from-subtle manicure. She continues to sport her long, pointy red nails that accompanied her throughout the holiday season. To her, these nails are considered neutral. Nevertheless, if she ever decides to embrace a fresh nail look to complement her radiant complexion, you can be sure to find it here first.

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