Sofia Richie Reveals She is Expecting First Child With Husband Elliot Grainge

Sofia Richie is pregnant


  • Sofia Alexandra Richie Grainge announced she's six months pregnant with her first child
  • She shared the news in a Vogue photoshoot and revealed the baby's gender as a Gemini
  • Richie discovered her pregnancy early on, around four weeks.
  • After feeling terrible during a Milan fashion week trip, she took a pregnancy test at an Ed Sheeran concert
  • After sharing the news with her husband, they took three more tests together, all positive.
  • Sofia chose to keep her pregnancy a secret until the third trimester to make a grand announcement.
  • She felt confident and comfortable sharing the news openly, allowing her to have open conversations and be honest with her followers

Social media personality and model Sofia Alexandra Richie Grainge recently made a big announcement - she's six months pregnant with her first child, alongside her husband Elliot Grainge. 

The 25-year-old model, who got married to Grainge, 30, in April of last year, proudly showcased her baby bump in a stunning photoshoot for Vogue. In an interview, she expressed, "I've learned more in the past six months than I have in my entire life."

Sofia Richie is pregnant

During the interview, Sofia also revealed the gender of her baby, a Gemini. She mentioned, "She's growing pretty fast, so the due date is a bit up in the air." Richie shared that she found out about her pregnancy very early on, around four weeks. 

She was on a quick trip to Milan for fashion week when she started feeling terrible, but she brushed it off as jet lag. It was only when she was heading to an Ed Sheeran concert in LA that she decided to take a pregnancy test. Sofia explained, "Elliot didn't really flinch when I said I was checking. I took one of those real crappy at-home tests, and there was the faintest of lines. I was so used to seeing negatives that I knew when something looked even kind of different."

Sofia Richie is pregnant

After Sofia shared the news with Elliot, he rushed to CVS to get more tests while they were on the phone together. The couple then took three tests together, and when they turned them over, all three were positive. Sofia recalled, "He was so excited, and we both cried. It was crazy and overwhelming, and it was so hard not to scream it from the rooftops. But since I was still early in my pregnancy, I wanted to be cautious, even with my friends."

Sofia Richie is pregnant

According to the Daily Mail, Sofia chose to wait until she was eight weeks pregnant before sharing the news with their parents. She presented the pregnancy tests in an elegant Hermes box, and Sofia fondly recalled their reaction, saying, "Watching their excitement shift from expecting an expensive gift to anticipating the arrival of a grandchild was truly heartwarming."

When asked about her decision to keep her pregnancy a secret until the third trimester, Sofia explained, "I wasn't avoiding posting about it because I wanted to make a grand announcement. I had some anxieties about reaching certain milestones during the pregnancy. Once I surpassed the 21-week mark, I felt like I had entered the safe zone. Now that I'm here, I feel confident and comfortable sharing the news openly. I can finally have those open conversations and be honest with the people who follow my videos."

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Sofia Richie is pregnant

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