Halle Bailey Welcomes a Baby Boy and Shares First Photo Following a Private Pregnancy

Halle Bailey Welcomes a Baby Boy

Surprise! Halle Bailey, the talented 23-year-old star of "Little Mermaid," has joyfully welcomed her first child into the world. In a heartwarming Instagram post on Saturday night, Halle shared the news of her baby boy's arrival, introducing him as Halo. The accompanying photo depicted Halle tenderly holding her little one's hand, while a precious gold bracelet engraved with the name "Halo" adorned his tiny wrist.

Halle Bailey Welcomes a Baby Boy

Adding to the excitement, Halle's longtime boyfriend, rapper DDG, also took to Instagram to share the wonderful news, using the same image. The announcement quickly garnered attention and congratulations from a host of celebrities, including Gabrielle Union, Kylie Jenner, Nicki Minaj, and Halle Berry.

Halle Bailey

Interestingly, Halle had managed to keep her pregnancy under wraps despite months of speculation. In a playful twist, she playfully addressed this fact in her announcement, leaving fans pleasantly surprised. In fact, back in November 2023, Halle had even shared a social media video, urging people to respect her privacy and kindly requesting them to "leave her alone" after someone commented on her "pregnancy nose."

Halle Bailey and her boy friend DDG

This delightful news marks a significant milestone in Halle's personal life, and we join the chorus of well-wishers in congratulating her on this beautiful journey into motherhood.

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