Chris Pratt Shows Off Toned Abs Amid New Year Health Kick and Thanks His Supportive Wife

Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger

Chris Pratt has been absolutely killing it in the gym this year. The 44-year-old Guardians of the Galaxy star took to Instagram on Wednesday to flaunt his chiseled abs, proudly showing off the results of his daily workouts in 2024. Talk about dedication!

Not only did Chris share a shirtless photo after his workout, but he also spilled the beans on his secret to staying motivated – his amazing wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger. He posted a video of himself in the gym, talking about how she encourages him and keeps him going.

Chris Pratt Shows Off Toned Abs

But what really got us smiling was when he shared how his wife literally poked him in the ribs to keep him from hitting that snooze button. I mean, talk about a wake-up call! She's not just his partner in life, she's his partner in fitness too.

Chris didn't stop there though. He gave a shoutout to all the people out there who are crushing their resolutions with the support of their loved ones. And for those who are going at it alone, he sees you too. He knows that sometimes all it takes is a little nudge, a little poke in the ribs, to get you going.

In fact, he even took a moment to inspire his massive following of 45.8 million fans. He urged them to get up, get moving, and take care of themselves. It's a simple message, but one that can make a world of difference.

Back in 2019, Chris went viral on social media as fans praised him for his more relaxed physique, but he's since kicked things into high gear with his intense workout goals.

Chris Pratt in 2019 vs 2024

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