British Man Living in The U.S. Reveals 3 'Worst' Things Americans Have Said To Him Since Moving To The Country

British Man Living in The U.S.


  • British student, Pete, shares three 'worst comments' made by Americans in a TikTok video.
  • The first comment was a compliment, but the person misunderstood Pete's English, referring to his friend from France
  • The second incident involved accent mixing, with some Americans mistaking Pete for an Australian due to the belief that Australia and the U.K. are the same
  • Pete had to convince a friend about the existence of villages, a concept he had to convince him about

Moving to a different country can be an exciting and life-changing experience. However, it can also come with its fair share of unusual encounters and interesting interactions. One British student studying in the United States recently took to TikTok to share the three 'dumbest' things Americans have said to him since he moved to the country.

In a viral video, Pete, a British student attending college in America, shed light on the absurd comments he has received as a 'British person in the United States.' With over 1.4 million views, it seems that these encounters have struck a chord with viewers. Pete shared the three most outrageous statements that have been made to him.

The first astonishing comment Pete received was intended as a compliment. Someone approached him and said, 'Considering you're European, your English is really good.' However, when Pete explained that he is from England, the person responded by saying, 'Yeah, but my friend is European, and he speaks way worse English.' It turns out, the friend in question was from France.

The second amusing incident involved the mixing up of accents. Pete revealed that several Americans he encountered had difficulty distinguishing between Australian and English accents. In fact, one peer of his mistook him for an Australian because they believed Australia and the U.K. were the 'same.'

Lastly, Pete shared an anecdote about his friends' disbelief in the existence of villages. When he mentioned living in a village, he had to spend an hour convincing his friend that villages are not just a concept from the game Minecraft but actually exist in the real world.

Pete's viral video on TikTok sparked a conversation among viewers, many of whom shared their own anecdotes about amusing encounters with Americans. 

One person hilariously remarked, "How are they even in college?" Another chimed in, saying, "I was once asked if we had toilets and electricity in France!" A different user commented, "I'm convinced they learn nothing about the rest of the world in school." These anecdotes were absolutely wild, as a fourth person declared. Adding to the conversation, someone asked, "Wait, does America not have villages?" Another person quickly responded, "Nah, the village guy was definitely messing with you... I hope." Pete himself joined in, replying, "He still refers to me as 'the villager' to this day."

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